Heidi Windsor Royal Station

Cafe, Bakery & Coffee shop

Adjacent to Windsor & Eton Central Station

Heidi Windsor Royal Station

Windsor Cafe, Bakery & Coffee Shop

Heidi is a cafe, bakery and coffee shop that has been operating in Windsor for over twenty years.

From morning pastries, lunchtime savouries and afternoon treats, everything we sell is made from scratch at the Heidi Studio, located in the railway arches directly underneath our Heidi Windsor Royal Station shop. The cafe bakery is also proud to serve its own blend of specialty coffee as well as a range of loose leaf teas. 

Heidi Windsor Royal Station is all the best of Heidi, shrunk down into a grab-and-go format right next to Windsor & Eton Central station. It also happens to be right in the middle of the town’s fantastic Windsor Royal Station shopping district.

There’s plenty of outdoor seating to sit and watch the comings and goings of the station whilst sipping on a flat white; as well as being the perfect place to break an outdoor walk or cycle ride.


Matt H

coffee Machine

Faema E71E

coffee Blend

Heidi Bakers Blend from Mozzo

Santos, Brazil (SCA 80) – Caramelized, Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Nutty, Treacle

La Providencia, Nicuagra (SCA 84.2) – Ripe fruits, citrus, chocolate

*Anything about 80 SCA grade is considered an outstanding specialty coffee