Heidi Farnham Elphicks

Cafe, Bakery & Coffee shop

Elphicks dept store, 10-13 West Street

Heidi Farnham Elphicks

Farnham Cafe, Bakery & Coffee Shop

Heidi Farnham is a popular meeting place located on the First Floor of Elphicks department store in Farnham. A baby sister to Heidi Windsor, the store’s counter is always bursting with delights – from pastries and other viennoiseries as you enter on the left, across to savouries, salads and cakes as you move down the counter to the right.

The Heidi Farnham store is one of our favourites, with huge windows that bring in plenty of light on even the muggiest days and a friendly staff team to welcome groups or solo-coffee drinkers alike.


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