Town Profile: Haslemere, Surrey

Discover Haslemere: A Jewel in the Surrey Hills

At Heidi Bakery, we’re proud to be part of the vibrant community of Haslemere, a hidden gem nestled in the Surrey Hills. There’s much more to our lovely town than meets the eye. Here’s why we think you’ll love it as much as we do.

A Hub of History and Culture

Haslemere is steeped in history and tradition, yet it buzzes with a modern and creative energy. This is perfectly exemplified in our local cultural scene. The town plays host to the Haslemere Fringe Festival, a fantastic event celebrating local talent across music, comedy, and the arts. Additionally, the Haslemere Educational Museum serves as a hub of community activities, offering intriguing exhibits that both educate and entertain.

An Oasis for Nature Lovers

Positioned in the heart of the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Haslemere is a paradise for nature lovers. From the stunning vistas of Blackdown and Hindhead to the tranquil beauty of Swan Barn Farm, there’s no shortage of picturesque landscapes to explore. The walking trails cater to all abilities, promising a memorable encounter with the rich, natural beauty of Surrey.

A Thriving Food and Drink Scene

Haslemere boasts a thriving food and drink scene. At Heidi Bakery, we’re honoured to contribute to this with our delightful selection of artisan breads, pastries, and coffee. Beyond our own offerings, you’ll find everything from traditional English tea rooms to gourmet restaurants in town. It’s a culinary adventure waiting to be savoured.

Unique Shopping Experiences

Haslemere’s High Street offers a shopping experience like no other. You’ll find a medley of unique shops, including independent bookstores, boutiques, and an old-fashioned sweet shop. It’s a shopper’s paradise that perfectly blends the old with the new, and one of the many reasons we’re proud to have our home here.

Conveniently Located

Just under an hour from London by train, Haslemere is perfectly positioned for day trips or weekend breaks. It’s also within easy reach of larger towns like Guildford, making it a great base for exploring the wider Surrey area.


Haslemere is a town that seamlessly blends history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination in Surrey. We at Heidi Bakery are proud to be a part of this wonderful community and we look forward to welcoming you here soon. Experience the charm of Haslemere for yourself, and don’t forget to stop by Heidi Bakery for a warm cup of coffee and a delicious treat!

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