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Large Black Forest Log

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Large Black Forest Log


Our modern take on the classic Christmas log – with a Black Forest twist. Contains an Amarena cherry soaked chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse and Amarena cherry compote. Oh – and a touch of cherry brandy.

Each log is handmade individually and decorated with dark, milk and white chocolate shapes by our team of pastry chefs in Windsor.

Serves approx 12 people.

May contain: NUTS, GLUTEN

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General Terms of Order

All cakes at Heidi at Home are perishable, made to order items by our kitchen team. Therefore as soon as an order is placed, it is non-refundable. By placing an order, you agree to collect it at the time you choose on our online system. If you need to change this to a later time, please e-mail hello@heidibakery.co.uk and we will try our best to accommodate.

Allergens & Dietary Requirements

All of cakes are made to order and therefore if you have any dietary requirements, please contact us so we can advise on each recipe and whether adjustments are possible. We must advise that our kitchens are small and busy places, and therefore any cake sold (even with adjustments) may contain any of the 14 FSA allergens. We cannot guarantee the absence of any of these allergens.

Please note that we often use gelatin in our products, which may not be suitable for some diets.


Please note that each cake is hand decorated by each of our individual chefs and therefore decoration is likely to differ from the photograph. Sometimes we will use seasonal ingredients and sometimes a chef may use their individual style or flourish, although always under the supervision of of Head Chef. If you have any decoration requirements, please inform us before placing an order.

Transport & Storage

Cakes when collected are supplied in a box. Please consider how you can transport them safely to your home, where they should be placed in a fridge. Cakes will last three days in the fridge.